Antonio Torres "La Leona" copy guitar

Copy of Torres Famous "La Leona".  This guitar was originally made for a client who changed his mind during the construction for fiction pegs instead of mechanical tuners.  So I'm making him another La Leona, and offering this one for sale. 

The back and sides are of Mediterranean cypress (aged 10 years), like the original La Leona.  Spruce top aged 30 years. The bridge is an excellent copy of the original La leona bridge.  The tie block opens for addition adjustment of the action. La Leona was reputed to have a secret bridge, this can only mean one thing..... that the original had a concealed hollow inner part.  I have made this same bridge on a few other La leona's but incorporated a traditional saddle.  On this La leona I did it just like the original, and so I feel gives it a more authentic sound. 

Price $7200  SOLD  August 11, 2016

Please feel free to contact me for any additional information.