New Spruce and E. Indian guitar Available June 24th 2016

I received some very special rosewood sets from Rahoul Waghmare from India. The wood was sitting around my shop talking to me, asking me to make them into a guitar or two..... so I did. This guitar has a 30 year old Engelmann spruce top full of striking medullary across the entire top. Select Indian rosewood, and entirely French polished. With Gotoh premium tuners. 

Extremely nice crystal poppy trebles, and dark rich basses. Volume is never an issue with my guitars so I won't comment on that.... ha!  Very special guitar. I made a sister guitar to this one out of the exact same back and sides except with a dark 500 year old cedar top, that will be available sometime next week as well.  Click on the image for side show. Click on the image for slideshow.

Price $7500   Sold on 7/12/2016