New Balsa Core DT for John Jenab

I’ve been working on a new balsa core design for my Double tops. I pleased to say this design is the most successful. It was beyond my expectations. Lacquered back and sides with a French polished top. The top is from a 500 year old “Moon Wood” cedar tree.

The treble on this instrument is extremely powerful, and the bass strong and deep giving a nice ambiance to the treble.


Recent cedar guitar that went to a Client in Singapore

Dear Mr. Thames

Your good friend Rene delivered the guitar today at 4pm Singapore time. The moment I set eyes on it after opening the case I was blown away. The french polishing is superb, top notch. I have played Spanish made guitar that is french polished, they cannot compare with yours. The guitar is beyond my expectations.

The trebles have sweet and bright sound and good sustain. Bass have strong and deep tones. All round very good volume and projection, good enough for concert playing.

Overall very very satisfied with the guitar. Everything I have ever wanted in a guitar. You make wonderful and beautiful sounding guitar.


Below is a video of Peter Pakhomkin playing this guitar shortly before send her across the ocean. 


An "Ancient Dragon DT"

This guitar went to a client in Hawaii last week.  

Here is my mini review of the new double Cedartop guitar:

The guitar is a cannon...a beast to play! The basses are crisp and trebles are strong... a well balanced guitar ready to play a concerto.  The sound is assertive and will only get stronger as time goes on.  This is a real concert guitar better than the double spruce top that you made for me. Though the Sprucetop has increased in volume and character, it would be interesting to play both guitars side by side.


Below is a video Mike Dezavelle made before shipping her out.  Mike uses the Abel Calavero technique choosing not to use a thumb nail. 


Ancient Dragon

This guitar is for Larry McDonald.  It features a top made from a cedar tree that was 500 years old that fell naturally. I call guitars made from this wood "Ancient Dragons".  The back and sides are 50 year old Indian rosewood.  And the rosette is styled after Torres. All French polished. 


My international Model

With the recent ban on shipping rosewood internationally, Ive decide to use Zirocote as the wood of choice for my international model guitars, as well as my national.  In fact, Zirocote is the closest in tonal qualities to Brazilian rosewood that I've come across, and is at the top of my list as far as tone woods for the back and sides. Strikingly beautiful, with a rich chocolate brown color, and spiderweb Brazilian-esq grain. 

Zirocote is not a rosewood species, and there is no rosewood on these guitars making it care free for international shipping.  The Torres Greek-key inlay is optional. 

This guitar is not for sale.