Mohit's first guitar available!

I purchased this guitar in September 2013, during my senior year of high school. Michael had just made the guitar as a fun side project, and when I came over to look at some other guitars he had made, I immediately fell in love with it. It had such a sweet sound, but still a rich and deep bass that is hard to find in guitars of this size (thanks to the tournavoz). After purchasing it, I spent the rest of that year falling in love with it more and more, and used it on my senior recital and to record my first album (see links below). The guitar also helped me to get into Oberlin Conservatory, where I played it for the past four years on many recitals, chamber concerts, and festivals. It has traveled with me from New Mexico to Ohio to Jordan to Italy to Scotland and across India, sounding more and more lovely the whole way. Further, it was used to record my second album “Fairuz”, which was reviewed by Classical Guitar Magazine. I sadly decided to part with it this past summer in order to purchase a new guitar (also from Michael) that is more suited to my particular playing now. However, it was not an easy decision for me as this guitar is truly a gem. Michael will be fixing it up to be “like new” and I hope that whoever chooses to purchase it enjoys it as much as I did. It was the best investment I ever made.