East Indian rosewood Cedar/balsa core DT Available.

Just completed, 50 year old E. Indian rosewood, cedar/balsa core DT guitar. Immaculate French polish throughout. Scale 650, and Gotoh premium tuners, or tuners of your choice at the additional cost of whatever tuners one desires. The sound is robust, with deep basses, and sparkly poppy trebles … extremely responsive.

I make traditional guitars, but in the last few years the demand for DT have dominated my orders. I made this guitar for a customer who wanted a raised fingerboard. See the videos of my process of making and designing my DT/balsa guitars. Posted date for sale: 6/24/2019. Price $7500 comes with a Hiscox case.

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Brazilian rosewood/Cedar DT available

Brazilian rosewood back and sides with the Torres meander pattern accent. Top is cedar/balsa-wood with my unique grid core. French polished throughout. Scale is 650 mm. Very powerful and responsive with a delicate attack enabling the player a dynamic color palette. One of the most beautiful guitars I’ve made. Gotoh premium tuners. This guitar comes with a Hiscox Artist series flight case, in either Ivory or black color, see photos below. Price $8400. 4/20/2019. Sold 4/25/2019.

Screen Shot 2019-04-24 at 11.04.55 PM.jpg
Screen Shot 2019-04-24 at 11.05.35 PM.jpg

Ancient Double Dragon DT Available

Just completed Balsa core DT.  Raised fingerboard, with an Ancient Dragon soundboard made from a 500 year old "moon-wood" cedar top. Torres meander pattern down the back.  50 year old East Indian rosewood back and sides and French polished throughout. The head is Frederich inspired. Comes with Gotoh Premium, or Sloane tuners. Scale is 650mm. Price $7200.  SOLD 7/9/2018.



Zirocote balsa core Double-top guitar available

Stunning zirocote back and sides and spruce balsa core DT guitar available.  This guitar belonged to the great Matt Palmer he's played this one in concerts for the past 6 months. One of the best guitars I've made. 

Scale is 650 mm, completely French polished. Back inlayed center strip is of the Torres meander pattern. Suitable for international shipping because of no rosewood on this instrument. 

Can be heard in the video below. 


Matt's Guitar meander.jpg

Two Torres "La Leona" copies available 10/5/2017.

Two recently completed Torres "La Leona" guitars available. One with Cypress back and sides, and the other in cocobolo back and sides. Both have aged 30 year old spruce tops, and brass floating tornavoz. 

I designed a bridge that is based on the original, but has an adjustable saddle hidden under the tie block.  Please see my video for more information on this. Both are French polished. The original La leona had friction pegs, and was later converted over to mechanical tuners.  I love the look of the pegs, so on the cypress model I used "Pegheds" very smooth mechanical pegs that keep the original look but with the convenience of mechanical tuners. The cocobolo model has Gotoh Premium tuners. Comes with either a Humi-Metro case or Hiscox case. The Cypress La Leona is SOLD!   Cocobolo La Leona .... SOLD. 

Price: $7500


March 28th 2017. Superb DT guitar available.

This is really a fantastic DT guitar.  Finished it March 7th then headed to Thailand the next day and wasn't able to upload any photos there..... so here it is.  

Cedar veneers with balsa-wood inner core. Back and sides are East Indian rosewood aged for 45 years. Back/sides, and neck lacquered with a French polish/lacquered top. Scale is 650mm.  Very loud and refined sounding with poppy trebles and a deep bass!  Price $7800. 

SOLD 03/30/17.


Spruce Indian rosewood available now 1/23/2017. $7500.

This guitar features an Engelmann spruce top 30 years old.  The back and sides are Indian rosewood aged 45 years, and is incredibly stable, tap tones ring like Brazilian rosewood.  Lacquered back and sides with French polished Lacquered top. EVO gold frets. Sound is elegant with very strong fundamental trebles no harsh transient nail noise, very full, rich and loud, with shimmering elegance.  Very satisfying guitar to play.  Please contact me through my email for any questions.  SOLD   2/14/2017

Antonio Torres "La Leona" copy guitar

Copy of Torres Famous "La Leona".  This guitar was originally made for a client who changed his mind during the construction for fiction pegs instead of mechanical tuners.  So I'm making him another La Leona, and offering this one for sale. 

The back and sides are of Mediterranean cypress (aged 10 years), like the original La Leona.  Spruce top aged 30 years. The bridge is an excellent copy of the original La leona bridge.  The tie block opens for addition adjustment of the action. La Leona was reputed to have a secret bridge, this can only mean one thing..... that the original had a concealed hollow inner part.  I have made this same bridge on a few other La leona's but incorporated a traditional saddle.  On this La leona I did it just like the original, and so I feel gives it a more authentic sound. 

Price $7200  SOLD  August 11, 2016

Please feel free to contact me for any additional information. 


New Spruce and E. Indian guitar Available June 24th 2016

I received some very special rosewood sets from Rahoul Waghmare from India. The wood was sitting around my shop talking to me, asking me to make them into a guitar or two..... so I did. This guitar has a 30 year old Engelmann spruce top full of striking medullary across the entire top. Select Indian rosewood, and entirely French polished. With Gotoh premium tuners. 

Extremely nice crystal poppy trebles, and dark rich basses. Volume is never an issue with my guitars so I won't comment on that.... ha!  Very special guitar. I made a sister guitar to this one out of the exact same back and sides except with a dark 500 year old cedar top, that will be available sometime next week as well.  Click on the image for side show. Click on the image for slideshow.

Price $7500   Sold on 7/12/2016

Tores FE-17 reproduction available now June 21st 2016.

Copy of the Original Torres FE-17. When young Francsico Tarrega visited Torres to purchase a good guitar, Torres gave Tarrega a guitar to try.  After hearing Tarrega Torres  immediately recognized his extraordinary Talent and when into his private room and brought out his own personal instrument FE-17 and gave it to Tarrega. Tarrega played this guitar for the first 20 years of his life. Tarrega acquired his first Torres guitar in Seville in 1869, FE 17, a guitar which, according to Emilio Pujol, Torres had made for his own personal use. He was later to acquire two more Torres guitars, one made in 1883 (SE 49) and the other one in 1888 (SE 114). His first Torres guitar had its back and ribs made from flamed maple and although the maple used by Torres was of good quality, the flame pattern was somewhat irregular, particularly in the figure used for the back.

Emilio Pujol ……… It was made from maple, with the soundboard in spruce, the neck and the head in cedar and the fingerboard in ebony. The size was slightly smaller than the usual one. Its soundhole and contours were bordered with the finest of inlays of a pale green shade with double herringbone purfling; on the head, the back, and the ribs was an exquisite rectangular meander inlay. In addition to the spontaneity of the sound, perhaps due to its tornavoz, there was its clear, warm timbre as if it were of gold. The balance between bass and treble was proportionally exact in volume and the duration of its vibrations equally generous throughout the fingerboard. It sufficed to finger a perfect chord in order that, by plucking only the three bass notes one could clearly perceive the harmonics of the other strings.


Price $8,400  SOLD  September 10th 2016